• Spike Sorting and Reproducibility for Next Generation Electrophysiology workshop (24-25 June, Edinburgh)
    This workshop will bring together electrophysiologists and developers of tools for the analysis of extracellular recordings, with the following goals to showcase new approaches to analyse large scale recordings, to discuss approaches for validation and quality control, and to discuss how elements of reproducibility and provenance can be added to typical analysis workflows.
  • UK Neural Computation 2019 (2-3 July Nottingham) Abstract submission is now open:
  • Models of Consciousness conference (September 9 – 12, Oxford)
  • Series of “Integrative Neuroscience” meetings in Manchester in September 2017, bringing together the best in experimental and computational neuroscience/neuroinformatics, with a terrific line-up of speakers
  • The 2017 INCF Neuroinformatics Symposium will be in Kuala Lumpur, Aug 20-21 2017.
  • The application to set up a Neuroinformatics Special Interest Group of the British Neuroscience Association which was submitted on 7 November 2016 has now (January 2017) been approved. This will be the first Special Interest Group of the BNA! The SIG is co-chaired by Professor Leslie Smith (l.s.smith at cs dot stir dot ac dot uk) and Professor Marcus Kaiser (Marcus.Kaiser at newcastle dot ac dot uk). We used the Neuroinformatics Symposium at the BNA meeting to launch the SIG.
  • The UK Node organised a Neuroinformatics Symposium at the BNA Festival of Neuroscience 2017 event.
  • The 2016 INCF Neuroinformatics Symposium was in Reading, UK, 3-4 September 2016. There were 171 attendees from all over the globe: there’s some information still at the Symposium website, and the UK node’s presentation is also available (also as a YouTube video).