neural connectivity


date Last updated on 10 June, 2019

Training opportunities

Internship Internships are welcome. As there are currently no studentships available, you should bring funding from other sources. There is also a possibility to apply for Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarships for UK undergraduate (including medical) students.
Master studies The School of Computing Science offers a one-year master degree with a specialization in Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics. In addition, there is a biomedical master programme with a specialisation in Neuroscience. Students in these programmes can undertake their master research project in my lab.
PhD studies If you are looking for an interesting research project, you are encouraged to get in touch with me. Several possibilities for funding exist. For example, Skill Development Fellowships are available from the Medical Research Council. For information about funding opportunities and other options for PhD and PostDoc studies, see the Jobs link.

Tutorials and modules

Tutorial in Connectome Analysis

Presentation at the Annual meeting of the Computational Neuroscience Society, Stockholm, Sweden, July 2011 (Slides)

CSC8305 – Analysis of Complex Biological Systems

Network analysis, Newcastle University, MSc Bioinformatics (Slides)

CSC8314 – Neuroinformatics

Newcastle University, MSc Neuroinformatics (Slides)

Research Methods in Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Neuroinformatics and Computational Modelling, Seoul National University, BCS PhD program (Slides)

CSC8304 – Computing Environments for Bioinformatics

Introduction to SQL and Perl, Newcastle University, MSc Bioinformatics (Slides)