Supplementary Information

Kaiser, M., and Lappe, M. (2004)

Perisaccadic mislocalization orthogonal to saccade direction. 

Neuron 41:293-300

Animation of perisaccadic mislocalization for different amplitudes

20 deg saccade

24 deg saccade

Model for remapping of visual position space

Remapping and Mislocalization. The red dot represents the reafferent position signal at the saccade target and the green dots represent the position of the flashed object. For a rightward saccade we assume that positions in the left are remapped earlier than positions in the right part of the visual field. The background coloring shows the status of visual field position representations: positions in the white area are already remapped to the position after the saccade, positions in the shaded area are currently in the process of remapping and positions to the right have not yet entered the remapping process. A The position where the information of the flashed object is coming in (green) has already undergone remapping. The signal encoding the object position is stronger than the reafferent signal encoding the target position. B Objects flashed at positions in the right part of the visual field, in the periphery of the fixation point, are represented in an area that is in the process of remapping. As some neurons already encode for the new (after the saccade) position whereas others still encode for the old position, there are two representations for the flashed object. These two signals are individually weaker than the reafferent signal at the target position, therefore, the target signal will dominate the perception of the object position.

Author: M. Kaiser 
Date: 6 February 2004